1. Can you provide past performance of your suppliers?

Yes we can provide past performance. We work on principles of Honest, Integrity, Truthfulness & Trust. If we are approached in proper manner with formal request on buyer's letter head or official email address by signatory not his broker or mandate (there is no such thing as mandate) we respond with past performance and want past performance of buyer as well in return – if you cannot provide your past performance you do not have right to ask same from supplier. We understand buyer’s predicament and buyer should respect ours. If you do not TRUST us please do not do business with us.

2. Can you provide reference?


3. How long you have been in Metal Scrap Trading Business & Indenting?

3 Years Trading – Indenting & 12 years Merchant Marine Consultancy Experience. Our business partners are in metal scrap business from last 50 years and you are dealing with very professional & experienced team. We have financial expertise that is simply not matched anywhere else.