1. Do you allow Yard Visit?

Yes – Our Supplier’s do allow yard visit if order quantity is substantial and payment instrument or advance is in place.

2. For Yard Visit what is minimum quantity?

1000 MT for ferrous metal scrap and 100 MT for non – ferrous metal scrap. Please note all locations are not possible for Yard Visits due to logistics, visa regulations & time zone differences.

Contact for complete details.

3. I will pay after I visit yard?

Our Answer is simple NO. Our Suppliers are serious business man & always occupied completing orders of our good performing clients – At times it is not just not feasible to accept request for yard visits due to travel restrictions & visa formalities, please contact us to find out if it’s feasible or not to allow / accompany for yard visits. Yard visits are only for qualified genuine buyers and we do not have time for exploration trips. For Non Ferrous Metal Scrap in ISRAEL & Turkey we encourage buyers to Come, See, Pay & Load the material. Please note you have to pay $ 5,000 as retainer & Balance upon loading & pay. All attempts to circumvent are dealt in most severe manner & consequences and we have right to forfeit the advance.

4. I will pay for your Travel Expenses – Can I go to yard for loading?

Please refer to FAQ No 2 for answer.

5. Do You Own Yards Abroad?

Castle Consultants is an indenting, trading & importing company. Our Supplier’s are Yard Owners with minimum 25 Years in same line of business. We do have participation partnership agreements with Yards in ISRAEL, Turkey & West Africa & have control over inventory management.