1. Can I call you to discuss the transaction?

Yes, but we prefer email to keep easier track of our business.

2. What kind of clients or companies are you looking for?

Financially Capable / Serious / Mature clients who have knowledge of scrap market – one time brokers & traders waste our time and resources. When we engage a new client we are looking for month-to-month transaction not one time deals.

3. Why do you require a 3-month minimum contract?

Because recycling is not a one-time deal and projects usually take weeks to set up for sustainability.

4. Can you come to my office for final deal & negotiation?

Emails, Phone, Skype & FAX are excellent tools for communication and we prefer to use them extensively. If Travel is absolutely required we decide on case to case basis for our old performing bulk buyers. We do not travel to meet brokers.

If first time buyer does insists on travel he has to pay for travel & accommodation expenses as a goodwill gesture.

Please refer to contact details for more information.