Castle Consultants is a credited business and financial Consultants firm that wishes to aid emerging as well as established business companies to achieve their finance goals. It works towards bringing together all appropriate resources and experience for each client assignment, providing the client with an accurate assessment of their financial need and most importantly doing it timely. By successfully coupling financial and business needs, Castle Consultants succeeds to provide timely and cost effective access to sources of financing.

We at Castle Consultants address to the financial needs of every client regardless of their business size and set up with the same commitment, honesty and quality. For us every client provides us a unique opportunity to showcase the best of advice and services that we have on offer. Focusing on your unique circumstances we form your channel to help you get access to a global network of financial institutions, banks, hedge funds, and investors.

Project Funding

Castle Consultants arranges project finance for companies of all sizes and high net worth clients. We pride on catering to clients who seek exclusivity and complete discretion. At Castle Consultants we are your window to the best funding solutions. We understand global business and assist our sophisticated clients to get assistance towards raising collateral for desired project funding and simultaneously increase their net worth. Believing in exclusivity, we cater to the select few who are best of the best in the corporate sector who qualify to fit our benchmarks.

Private Asset Management & Sale / Purchase

Castle Consultants recognizes the need of qualified private asset management services for the distinguished few in the society. Taking in account of the confidentiality that our clients seek we provide a wide range of paid, exclusive investment services for them. Our fully customized asset management services are modulated by the expertise of Vishal Singh Jain who would assist you to grow your wealth by several multi folds. Reserved for the elite and privileged, our asset management services comprise of discretionary portfolio management, hedge fund advisory and management services.

Trading of Bonds / MTN

Using our exclusive global network of private investors, asset management companies and finance professionals, Castle Consultants can help buyers as well as private sellers to trade in bonds and MTN’s with complete discretion. Well connected in the finance industry, Vishal Singh Jain is your trusted source to arrange for sale and purchase of bonds and MTN’s for individuals and companies. Trading only in listed and verified bonds, Castle Consultants is a trusted name in this sphere of business.

At Castle’s, our rich, high net worth clients are offered the best in bonds that they truly deserve in order to accelerate their wealth towards higher reaches of prosperity.

Credit Enhancement

Armed with innovative and befitting credit enhancement services fit for the rich and wealthy, Castle Consultants wishes to cater to the needs of elite businesses, developers and lenders alike. We are your trusted means to help you substantially increase your net worth by befitting credit enhancement using bank instruments like CD’s, BG, SBLC and proof of funding.

Here at Castle Consultants, we ensure that our elite niche of qualified clients get the best of the experienced advice of Vishal Singh Jain who has displayed immense maturity and knowledge in the field of finance and wealth enhancement and created his own separate niche of expertise.

Trade Finance

Trade finance, also known as purchase finance provides is the means towards making funds available for companies to pay suppliers for the purchase of finished goods. It is generally seen that trade finance usually co-exists alongside more traditional forms of funding like bank overdrafts, invoice discounting and factoring.

Castle Consultants realizes the fact that several SME’s have had their growth potential stifled as they have been unable to raise the necessary finance via traditional banking and factoring facilities. Wishing to plug this loop hole, We at Castle Consultants have developed innovative funding facilities to try and plug some of these gaps with facilities of exceptional value.

At Castle Consultants, we have a good relationship with niche players operating in the funding sector, and know who can offer what type of funding to whom. We are committed to provide our clients with contacts of qualified lenders, and loan arrangers interested in funding private projects in emerging markets.

Government Liasioning & Product Launch

Castle Consultants aspires to make your business dealing with various government agencies completely hassle free. We at Castle Consultants understand the difficulties that businesses encounter with government agencies for getting various approvals. We have the desired skills to understand government requirements, procedures, and complete knowledge of paper work involved towards setting up new businesses and running them.

Our team of government liaison experts are very well equipped to provide you with government and business liaison services to your utmost satisfaction. The government liaison services at Castle Consulting are ideally crafted allowing us to take care of all the modalities and tasks involved while you can freely work towards meeting your strategic business goals and ensuring growth of your company.

Adding another feather to its cap is the sound marketing management skills that you can avail from Castle consultants. Coupled with adequate and in depth marketing research the business strategy development offered by Castle consultants ensures that your business product is placed in the right market framework and it gets the perfect launch that it deserves. First hand market experience along with the essence of sophisticated market planning gives our experienced and qualifies marketing consultants the extra edge that they need in order to make your product launch a winning one!